SEC.gov; EDGAR; FAQ; Other search tools; The new EDGAR advanced search gives you access to the full text of electronic filings since 2001. Document word or phrase? Company name, ticker, CIK number or individual's name + more search options. Filing category Browse filing types. View all. Filing types Browse filing types. cancel. Filed date range. Invalid Date. Filed from. Filed to. Principal. You can search information collected by the SEC using a variety of search tools. EDGAR full text search. New versatile tool lets you search for keywords and phrases in over 20 years of EDGAR filings, and filter by date, company, person, filing category, or location.; Boolean and advanced searching, including addresses Search by Step 2 - Submit and manage your EDGAR filings Retrieve submission information, update company information, change password/CCC, request refund, and more. Log in for ownership forms - 3, 3A, 4, 4A, 5, 5A, & Regulation The EDGAR company database is a subset of the data maintained by the EDGAR system and contains over 500,000 records. Filers may search for and view company information about various EDGAR filing entities; this information includes data such as company name, address, cik, and fiscal year end Helpful Information. If your search is John Smith and you didn't get the results you expected, please try Smith John. The SEC does not require companies that are raising less than $1 million under Rule 504 of Regulation D to be registered with the SEC, but these companies are required to file a Form D with the SEC.The Form D serves as a brief notice that provides information about the.

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  1. (EDGAR) WARNING! This computer system is Federal property and is to be used only for authorized government purposes by users who have been granted access rights by the Office of Information Technology. Misuse of this computer system is a violation of Federal law (Pub. L.99-474). All users of this system, whether authorized or unauthorized, are subject to monitoring by the Office of Information.
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  3. The SEC's New York and San Francisco Regional Offices hosted a two-part interactive webcast exploring the experiences of tech entrepreneurs of color in New York and California when capital raising
  4. To ensure that SEC.gov remains available to all users, we reserve the right to block IP addresses that submit excessive requests. The SEC does not allow unclassified bots or automated tools to crawl the site. Any request that has been identified as part of an unclassified bot or an automated tool outside of the acceptable policy will be managed to ensure fair access for all users
  5. (EDGAR) Filer Management. WARNING! This computer system is Federal property and is to be used only for authorized government purposes by users who have been granted access rights by the Office of Information Technology. Misuse of this computer system is a violation of Federal law (Pub. L.99-474). All users of this system, whether authorized or unauthorized, are subject to monitoring by the.
  6. (EDGAR) OnlineForms Management. WARNING! This computer system is Federal property and is to be used only for authorized government purposes by users who have been granted access rights by the Office of Information Technology. Misuse of this computer system is a violation of Federal law (Pub. L.99-474). All users of this system, whether authorized or unauthorized, are subject to monitoring by.
  7. Filings may be submitted to EDGAR from 6:00AM to 10:00PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday (except for federal holidays). Inquiries: 202-551-8900 or FilerTechUnit@SEC.gov from 9:00AM to 5:30PM Eastern Time (except for federal holidays). Browsers Supported: While EDGAR supports most browsers, we recommend using vendor supported versions of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome..

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SEC EDGAR filings API | Query API to access historical filings in EDGAR archives | | Live feed streaming | Filing mapped to ticker, CIK and SIC | Over 150 filing types | Filings from 1993 to present | JSON formatted | Supports Python, Node.js, React, C++ and many more | 10-Q, 10-K, 8-K, 4, S-1 | Free tria This video shows how the financial statements of the US companies could be downloaded in an Excel file format from the SEC EDGAR database..Discover free and.

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EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, performs automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC). The database contains a wealth of information about the Commission and the securities industry which is. We've detected an unusually high number of searches coming from your location. Are you a real person, or a robot R package for interacting with the SEC's EDGAR filing search and retrieval system - mwaldstein/edgarWeb

This site, www.AdviserInfo.sec.gov, is provided as a public service by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is an official United States Government System. By using this site, you are agreeing to security monitoring and auditing. For security purposes, and to ensure that the public service remains available to users, this government computer system employs programs to monitor. The Ohio Secretary of State's Office is responsible for overseeing elections for the state of Ohio as well as registering companies to do business in Ohio

Build a master index of SEC filings since 1993 with python-edgar. The SEC filings index is split in quarterly files since 1993 (1993-QTR1, 1993-QTR2...). By using python-edgar and some scripting, you can easily rebuild a master index of all filings since 1993 by stitching quarterly index files together. The master index file can be then feed to a database, a pandas dataframe, stata, etc.. sec-edgar-downloader is a Python package for downloading company filings from the SEC EDGAR database. Searches can be conducted either by stock ticker or Central Index Key (CIK) . You can use the SEC CIK lookup tool if you cannot find an appropriate ticker To order EDGAR (paper filings) and Non-EDGAR certified records or documents, click here . If you have questions or inquiries regarding the status of your request, please email certified@sec.gov, or call (202) 551-7230. Turnaround Time. Receipt of your request will be acknowledged within one (1) business day. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. How to Access or. sec.gov EDGAR API | search & filter SEC filings | over 150 form types supported | 10-Q, 10-K, 8, 4, 13, S-11, | insider trading sec-api.io. Topics. python real-time stream websocket websockets gov xbrl edgar-scraper edgar edgar-database edgar-crawler cik 10-k filings 8-k edgar-api sec-api gov-edgar-filings insider-trading Resources . Readme Releases 15 tags. Packages 0. No packages.

View the latest SEC Filings data for Tesla, Inc In accordance with US securities regulations, Novartis files reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission. View all of the Novartis filings through EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system, on the SEC website

IAPD provides information on Investment Adviser firms regulated by the SEC and/or state securities regulator Access securities related information for Canadian companies To search the EDGAR company database, enter the search parameters below. Note that the search is case-insensitive. Help and examples for a specific parameter can be found by clicking on the question mark next to the parameter name. The company database was last updated on 05/22/21 at 11:16 AM EDT. Search Parameters : CIK Number : Company Name : Reporting File Number : Series ID : Series Name.

Company Name: Archegos Capital Management, LP : CIK: 0001535709 : IRS Number: 000000000 : Reporting File Number: 150-00834 : Regulated Entity Type James Edgar (born July 22, 1946) is an American politician who was the 38th Governor of Illinois from 1991 to 1999. Previously he served as a member of the Illinois House of Representatives from 1976 to 1979 and as Illinois Secretary of State from 1981 to 1991. Though still popular, he surprised many by retiring from elected office after his second term as governor, claiming that heart. If filed by U.S. domestic companies, the statements are available on the EDGAR database accessible at www.sec.gov. Registration statements are subject to examination for compliance with disclosure requirements. Not all offerings of securities must be registered with the Commission. Some exemptions from the registration requirement include: private offerings to a limited number of persons or.

Using EDGAR to Research Investments; Ask and Check; Using EMMA - Researching Municipal Securities and 529 Plans; How to Read a 10-K; How to Read an 8-K; Insider Transactions and Forms 3, 4, and 5; Investing Basics. Save and Invest . Define Your Goals; Diversify Your Investments; Figure Out Your Finances; Gauge Your Risk Tolerance; Learn About Investment Options; Pay Off Credit Cards or Other. www.citrix.com. www.citrix.com | | | | | | | | | Back in 2006 when I was first working in finance, SEC EDGAR did have filings in PDF format. I've not been able able to find any PDFs since I returned to finance a few years ago but I have found a work around which is not ideal but it works. In the..


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Company Name: EUCX B.V. CIK: 0001764702 : IRS Number: 000000000 : Reporting File Number: 021-331152 : Regulated Entity Type: NON The EDGAR system is currently unavailable. You may access EDGAR from 6:00AM to 10:00PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday (except federal holidays). Please try again during these hours. EDGAR Unavailable. The EDGAR system is currently unavailable. You may access EDGAR from 6:00AM to 10:00PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday (except federal holidays). Please try again during these hours..


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a large independent agency of the United States federal government, created in the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash of 1929. The primary purpose of the SEC is to enforce the law against market manipulation.: 2 In addition to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which created it, the SEC enforces the Securities Act of 1933, the Trust. The .gov means it's official. Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site term: Search term to search for in a fund name. identifier: A Series, Class/Contract ID, Ticker Symbol or CI Many, but not all SEC filings are available online through the SEC's EDGAR database. Common filing types. The most commonly filed SEC forms are the 10-K and the 10-Q. These forms are composed of four main sections: The business section, the F-pages, the Risk Factors, and the MD&A. The business section provides an overview of the Company. The F-pages contain the financial statements which are.

The Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) was established on 8th June, 1993 as the regulator of the country's capital market under the provision of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission Act 1993 Video Tutorial for the SEC-BSP Survey on the Lending and Financing Companies . REVISED GUIDELINES ON THE SUBMISSION OF DOCUMENTS, ISSUANCE OF PAYMENT ASSESSMENT FORM, OTHER REQUESTS AND COMPLIANCE 14 May 2021; NON-EXTENSION OF GRACE PERIOD FOR PAYMENT OF LOANS DURING THE ENHANCED COMMUNITY QUARANTINE (ECQ) FROM 29 MARCH TO 04 APRIL 2021 30 March 2021. Real-time insider trading data, SEC form 4, insider trades, insider buying & selling data, executives filing form To sign up for updates or to access your subscriber preferences, please enter your contact information below

SEC.gov | Company Search Page. EDGAR Search Tools Latest Filings Company Filings Mutual Funds Variable Insurance Products Daily Filings by Type Boolean Archive Search Full Text (Past 4 Years) CIK Lookup Confidential Treatment Orders Effectiveness Notices Help with EDGAR Search EDGAR | Company Filings Company Name More Options Fas.. info@sec.gov.gh No. 30, 3rd Circular Road, Cantonments, Accra. +233-302-768970-2 P.O. Box CT 6181 Cantonments, Accra Ghana Post GPS: GL-076-602 EDGAR Onlin Introduction This guide provides an overview of how to research the securities law through the SEC website and is provided as a service to investors and members of the public. It is neither a legal interpretation nor a statement of SEC policy. If you have questions concerning the meaning or application of a particular law or rule you should consult with an attorney who specializes in. The federal securities laws require certain individuals (such as officers, directors, and those that hold more than 10% of any class of a company's securities, together we'll call, insiders) to report purchases, sales, and holdings of their company's securities by filing Forms 3, 4, and 5. Learn more


  1. Use of this site is subject to, and your continued use constitutes your express agreement to be bound by, the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. Any unauthorized use.
  2. istrators or CSA) in the SEDAR filing system
  3. An initial public offering, or IPO, generally refers to when a company first sells its shares to the public. For more information about IPOs generally, see our Investor Bulletin.You can also find fast answers on why investors have difficulty getting shares in an IPO, a brokerage firm's IPO eligibility requirements, and lockup agreements
  4. Access over 7 million SEC filings dating back to 1994 Receive free instant alerts via email when new filings are made. View free Excel and Word docs of all company filings such as 10K filings. Keeps tabs on your favorite hedge fund or investor through their filings. Research IPOs, spin-offs, rights.

Converting financial statements to HTML, XML, XBRL, iXBRL output formats for reporting with various regulators such as the SEC US, HMRC UK, Revenue Ireland, ACRA Singapore, MCA India, CIPC South Africa and various EU regulatory authorities How NOT to do PowerPoint by Don McMillan. www.technicallyfunny.co Business Outlook Survey. Four times a year, our regional offices interview business leaders from about 100 firms to gather a broad range of economic perspectives that help us fulfill our mandate as Canada's central bank.. The results of these interviews are available in our quarterly Business Outlook Surveys (BOS). View the recent survey data and references for more information {cik:1235010,entityType:operating,sic:2836,sicDescription:Biological Products, (No Diagnostic Substances),insiderTransactionForOwnerExists:0. Download SEC filings from the EDGAR database using Python. Awesome Open Source. Awesome Open Source. Sec Edgar Downloader. Download SEC filings from the EDGAR database using Python. Stars. 170. License . mit. Open Issues. 9. Most Recent Commit. 5 days ago. Related Projects. python (53,895) finance (215) stock-market (86) stocks (53) financial-data (41) Site. Repo. sec-edgar-downloader.. image.

The net sales, COGS, and GP are: i) Net Sales 2020 - $ 31,536 million 2019 - $ 24,578 million; ii) Cost of goods sold. 2020 - $ 24,906 million 2019 - $ 20,509million iii) Gross profi Skip to content. POPULAR STOCKS. ANGI $14.20; IPGP $205.39; DOX $77.57; EWBC $76.27 $76.2


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